Friday, 25 March 2011

First Epic Creature - Water Deer

My first EPIC Creature is the Water Deer because of it's sabre-like canine teeth called tusk! The Water Deer  is not actually a true deer, it is a smaller version of the Musk Deer (which has the same tusks). The reason I choose the Water Deer over the Musk Deer is because it likes to hide in tall grass/swampy areas so you wouldn't see it if it decided to defend its territory from you. Not only does it have those tusks but it can move them, it can bend them inwards to make eating easier and then protrude them outward to make them more terrifying.

I mean look at those tusks! They can be up to 8cm's long!

It is mostly a solitary creature and is very stealthy so most likely you wouldn't know if it was around unless it is mating season. It's a very territorial animal so it would very likely try and remove you from it's territory. If it were mating season and you happened to be hiking in the territory of a full grown male while it's trying to impress the ladies, not only could it trample you like any other deer but it would stab you with those tusks.

They mostly live in the low reaches of the Yangtze River in the Jiangsu province and islands of Zhejiang in China so you are not likely to run into these. They are in some zoos in Britain and a few small deer farms in southern United States. That being said you are most likely not going to run into one.

Those tusks and those tusks alone are what make the Water Deer the EPIC Creature of the Week!

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  1. We saw a Chinese water deer at Gibraltar Point in the Wash & North Norfolk Coast reserve: